Today I booked 2 different home-related appointments and for both of them the people didn’t show up or call. (The first I tracked them down and they were very apologetic and nice and came right out; I haven’t called the second since their window was over at 8 p.m). Am I a ghost?

My kid just asked for an afternoon snack of a chocolate chip cookie. I asked if he wanted one of the ones I made.

“Oh, no thanks, I’ll have one of the regular ones, that I like.”

Thanks kid.

Things I hear my kid say during remote school: “Well, you’re as old as fifteen elephants stacked on top of the Arch!”

Driving up the Great River Road from Carbondale to St. Louis into the sunset and listening to the #stlcards game on KMOX the whole way — staticky but audible at first and improving through the drive — that’s just good for the soul.