There was a lot of eclipse coverage in Sunday’s Post-Dispatch, but the only mentions of it I saw in today’s paper (the e-edition, anyway) were the editorial cartoon and “What to watch” on TV. More tomorrow, I’d guess.

Hello. I am not participating at the bird site anymore, which really puts a damper on my NICAR socializing. But I will be at NICAR. If you will be too, please be in touch. Slack, email, wherever.

Continuing to add support for keyboard shortcuts in Omnifocus, I’ve added a new plugin called “Toggle ‘Complete with last action'” to my Github repo. It takes a selection of tasks or projects, and for any that have children (i.e. either projects or task groups) it toggles the checkbox for “Complete with last action”.

I couldn’t find a keyboard shortcut or menu item for this, but if you know of one let me know. This seems like it should be unnecessary.

I’ve been getting back into Omnifocus and wanted a way to toggle project type with a keyboard shortcut. I didn’t find what I was looking for with a cursory search, but I did find a plugin that would set the project type to sequential.

Using that as a starting point, I made one that would cycle through the project types by repeatedly running the script. So I can set the plugin to use something like Hyperkey-W, then create a project and quickly set it to the appropriate type. Neat.

I started a repository for this stuff that will in all likelihood be updated very sporadically if at all.