Chicken lunch

📷🥘 Fully improvised lunch: quasi-mirepoix, button mushrooms, cream for a bit of gravy, leftover chicken breast and shredded cheese to top.

Resolved: The best bowl of cereal is the last bowl in a bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Pot pie

📷🥧 Tonight’s dinner: Chicken pot pie in cast iron.

Gary Paulsen, best known for writing the YA novel ‘Hatchet’ (though he wrote a lot more), died today. I remember reading that book in school. I’m glad he wrote it, and glad I read it.

Pork loin 1
Pork loin 2

Pork loin 3

📷🥘 Godspeed, delicious pork loin. See you on the other side (about 4 hours on low).

ICYMI, I wrote about my experience at Geekway 2021 this year. My wife and I played 24 different games. A few standouts:

  • Renature
  • Blossoms
  • Rolling Realms
  • Meadow
  • Islands in the Mist
  • Holi: Festival of Colors
  • Dice Miner
  • Tapestry
  • Parks
  • Everdell

Read the wrapup

Getting vicariously exhausted/stress-sweaty being here while a couple delivery folks try to maneuver a freezer into my house and down the steps into my basement. My body had a literal physical response, which I did not anticipate. Interesting.

Opening evening of Geekway to the West in the books. Everybody vaccinated and masked while playing in the common areas. We played three play-and-win games: Renature, Blossoms and Santa Monica. Finished just before midnight. Not too bad.

Black Walnuts product meeting: We’ve created the most delicious snack possible. How do we market this thing? —Put it in the hardest to open packaging ever created! —That’s genius, what else? —What if it also stained your hands for a week? —Promotions for everyone!

If you’re still wondering about the legitimacy of the iPhone 13 Pro camera system, I managed to capture stars and fire in the same frame. I live in suburbia, so stars at all are impressive. This is edited, but I’m pretty wowed.

Remember 2011? For the #STLCards, Game 6 lives forever, but how about Game 162? The Cards were 8.5 back in the wildcard race (only 1 spot) at the beginning of September but pulled even with Atlanta before the final day of the season. All times Central (and approximate).

I’m watching Space Jam for probably the first time since it came out, and friends, however weird you remember this film to be, I guarantee your memory is not doing it justice.

📷🥃 Do you have a favorite glass? This is a Kosta Boda Mine tumbler. It was the first (and still pretty much only) expensive glassware I’ve purchased. it is heavy and textured and lovely to hold.

📷🛰 I spent the day at a park where everyone was pretending to be from the 15th century or so, and then tonight I came home and took a picture of the International Space Station with the computer I carry in my pocket.

After the service for my grandmother this morning, I walked around the cemetery a bit looking at the markers, some dating back to the early 1800s, at least. Google tells me this guy was a member of the Horse Thief Detective Association.

In a scene somewhat reminiscent of turning on the lights and playing a final song when closing down a bar, my grandmother’s visitation this afternoon ended with a rousing rendition of Steve Goodman’s Go Cubs Go.

Cleaning out the house after my grandmother died a few days ago, my mom and aunts discovered she was in a play in high school. I was amused to find this Indiana humor (“Mama’s Baby Boy” written by Charles George in 1933, performed in 1953, also in small-town Indiana).

Cardinals baseball on the radio, wafts of a high school football game in the distance, a crackling bonfire, cicadas and crickets. It’s the late summer Friday evening soundtrack of St. Louis.

Ribs with a spice rub and wood chips on a gas grill

One benefit of working from home is you can start dinner at 1:30.

🥘🍗 The cast iron cooking continues at speed. Last night I made macaroni and cheese in one pan and cooked up some pork chops in the other. Tonight, fried chicken breasts for sandwiches and nuggets for the kids.

Camel Rock at Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois

A view of the Devil's Smokestack and Camel Rock at Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois.

A view of cliffs at Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois.

A view of cliffs and weathered rock patterns at Garden of the Gods in Southern Illinois.

📷⛰🌲 I was in Southeastern Illinois for a funeral yesterday morning, and realized that Garden of the Gods — which I had somehow never visited — was nearby. So after the funeral I did a little solo contemplation walk. Nice place.

More photos

In my pile of sheet music, I found a mediocre counterpoint composition I did in my first music theory course as a college freshman. I also found some schedules and grades, so I can tell you I was failing at it mid-semester but must’ve pulled out a passing grade.

A spreadsheet of sheet music titles and composers ranging from foreign language choral music to pop music of the 2000s.

Finally starting to catalogue my collection of sheet music and it might be overly revelatory.

Ah yes, the traditional… checks calendar and clock …August 19, 1:18 a.m. St. Louis fireworks.

My kids are many years away from high school, but looking up the bus routes for this year I see that some high-school age kids have to be at the bus stop a little after 6:30 a.m. That seems extremely early.

A hand holding a glass of wine in front of a small bonfire.

The thing about playing in the fire that no one ever tells you as a kid is that A) yes it is fun to play in the fire and B) eventually you’re old enough that no one tells you to not play in the fire.

I bought two adorable camping-sized cast-iron pans earlier today (a 6″ round and square), which explains why I’m seasoning four cast-iron pans at midnight (this is the second cycle, and I figured I might as well do all the pans I own at once).

Baseball is like pizza. I’d rather have good baseball than bad baseball. But bad baseball is still better than no baseball at all. #STLCards

A hummingbird with a shiny lime green back sits on a tree branch.
🐦📷 Finally managed to get a decent photo of one of the hummingbirds that zooms around our back yard.

A screenshot of 16 lines of text excluding types of products from a Best Buy promotion.
This is the list of products excluded from a Best Buy promotion I just got emailed. Honestly not sure what does qualify.

Katydid in profile
Closeup of katydid

A visitor to our front porch this evening. 🐞📷

The film version of Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, with Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and Richard Dreyfuss is on sale at iTunes for $5. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/rosencrantz-and-guildenstern-are-dead/id1056872270

Schauffele’s in trouble. Just put one off the right side on 14, maybe lost. Then played a provisional that went off the fairway into the trees on the left. Only leading by 1. #Olympics

An image of a construction site, the future home of St. Louis Public Radio. There are some concrete walls and the start of a steel skeleton.
Ten years ago today, the steel started going up for the future home of @stlpublicradio in Grand Center.

When I first opened this box of 100 coffee filters to make my morning coffee, Missouri was averaging 660 cases per week, and nearly 11 deaths. I just finished the box. There are now nearly 2,500 cases per week in Missouri and 17.4 deaths. I’ll open a new box tomorrow.

You know what doesn’t get used as a cocktail garnish as often as I’d expect? Grapes.

I know I’m not the first person to make this observation, but whoever approved this new Slack commercial with the two “knock brush” notification sounds can go stub their toe.

The neighbors invited us over to swim in their pool that has a section that’s 8 or 10 feet. Treading water there while watching out for two (life-jacket-wearing) kids, I have a renewed respect for the #Olympics water polo players.

I mean, my goodness. Look up the women’s foil match between Kiefer (USA) and Harvey (CAN). That was tense! #Olympics

Watching #Olympics fencing and coming to the conclusion I’d be very quickly dead in any sort of swordfighting situation. I can’t even tell where a lot of these hits are on the slo-mo replays.

Ah yes, St. Louis’ traditional July 19 fireworks.

Couple fossils from the creek bank. These are less than an inch on a side, so not huge. Neat though — usually we find them embedded into bigger rock. 🪨 📷

Enjoying a little homemade krupnik on ice over strawberries, and thinking I’ll probably make some more this fall.

Steps leading down to the creek behind our house at about 4 p.m., 4:20 and 4:40 today as it was fell after 1.5″+ of rain. The fourth photo is from last year, slightly different angle, showing what the creek normally looks like.

I am working from the newsroom today for the first time since *gesticulates at everything* and thought, “well, at least I don’t need to update my calendar right away.” Then I realized that’s 2020.

Turns out not picking up a golf club for two or three years mysteriously did not solve the myriad issues with my swing.

Aside from getting lunch with my family at the Zoo a few weeks back, today was my first in-public sit-down meal since I think March 9, 2020. Still effectively outdoors though.

One of the great skills in life I hope to acquire some day is stoking a bonfire just enough to burn out right when a baseball game ends. #STLCards

Took the kids to Bee Tree County Park this morning. Fabulous views of the Mississippi and a stunning 1929 summer house mansion. What’s not to love?

Today I found out I am ‘bang on the window to get the squirrel off the bird feeder’-years-old.

This one just trotted up into the yard about five feet from the window where I’m sitting and was about to have a snack from the bird feeder. It’s been being emptied over nights and I think this is the culprit. 🦌📷

Three graphs from a weather station showing temperature, humidity and wind. All three show a large change just after 12 p.m.

Can you guess when the storm moved through last night? ⛈

Hold music that plays for a seemingly-random amount of time, suddenly cuts off in the middle of a phrase, then starts again after a second or two and plays for a different length of time feels actively hostile.

Today is the first day of in-person summer school. And my youngest is at daycare. And my wife is at work. Meaning, for the first time in a year+, I get to work a regular day by myself at home.

It’s been an emotional few days — I performed with my singing group again for the first time in more than a year, my oldest kid turned six and graduated from Kindergarten, and we sold our first house where we’ve lived since being married. Still feeling it out.

A high-angle, heavily edited photo of a bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County Barrel Stout from 2017, next to a small glass filled with it.
A pretty good end to a pretty good day.

I know I had an idea I’m excited about when I look up from my computer and it’s suddenly much later than I anticipated.

Heh. From behind the office door where my kid is logging on to his music class, I hear him sing (to the tune of the Jaws theme):

“Muuu-sic. Muuu-sic. Mu-sic mu-sic mu-sic mus-icmus-icmus-ic.”

Vegas’ multicolored seat coverings: 👍
Vegas’ golden helmets: 👎

Today I booked 2 different home-related appointments and for both of them the people didn’t show up or call. (The first I tracked them down and they were very apologetic and nice and came right out; I haven’t called the second since their window was over at 8 p.m). Am I a ghost?

File under “sometimes the algorithm is good”: Discovering an hour-long special of Hugh Laurie professing his love for New Orleans and the blues. 

I had a dream that I was somehow involved with the production of Garfield: The Movie and it won Best Picture. (I have never seen Garfield: The Movie).

I’ve been drinking them for nearly 10 years, but it just occurred to me that one of my favorite cocktails is essentially a perfect martini plus a little brandy and bitters (no olive). Or, if you prefer, a perfect Manhattan — sub gin and brandy for the rye. Tasty.

Still at the age where he’s excited by big trucks (and who isn’t, let’s be honest), my kid is playing outside when I hear the engine of the garbage truck on the street. My kid: “GARBAGE TRUCK! GAR-BAGE! GAR-BAGE! GAR-BAGE! GAR-BAGE!”

My kid just asked for an afternoon snack of a chocolate chip cookie. I asked if he wanted one of the ones I made.

“Oh, no thanks, I’ll have one of the regular ones, that I like.”

Thanks kid.

Ten years ago today, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers activated the Birds Point-New Madrid Floodway to reduce flooding on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Story

A local community newspaper letter-to-the-editor says teachers teaching virtually should earn less.

I’ve been at home with a remote-learning Kindergartner all year and no.

Just went for a 2.5 mile walk through the woods and around the lake on campus in between teaching my final two classes of the semester. Silent — no music, no podcasts. It was very necessary.

Things I hear my kid say during remote school: “Well, you’re as old as fifteen elephants stacked on top of the Arch!”

After hearing @marcoarment advertise for Aftershokz (bone conduction headphones) for so long, I saw the Aeropex on sale at Best Buy and had a gift certificate I needed to use up, so I picked a pair up yesterday. These things are amazing.

Wrote three paper checks today (and only one had to do with taxes). What year is it?

I didn’t think to look until today (and it wouldn’t have been high enough a priority to train for this year), but what a great marathon course today’s is. North riverfront, and across Chain-of-Rocks Bridge. Take a look.

We’ve been watching the British game show Pointless on YouTube. Kind of a reverse Family Feud — they survey 100 people, then contestants have to give a correct answer that the fewest surveyed people said. Today one was “US states or capitals where the second letter is a vowel.”

I went to Schnucks, drank some Schlafly beer, listened to the Cardinals game and was a very small part of helping cover the local election (not in that order).

Would’ve also liked some Ted Drewes, I guess, but still — it was a very St. Louis night.

Just sat down to do my first serious singing in a year plus — on my own, rehearsing for a friend’s upcoming wedding — and whew. I think I am going to be overwhelmed the first time our group is back together and runs through this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycAtH_b7PnI

Driving up the Great River Road from Carbondale to St. Louis into the sunset and listening to the #stlcards game on KMOX the whole way — staticky but audible at first and improving through the drive — that’s just good for the soul.

Spending my Friday night discovering the state stream monitoring volunteer org. and reading up on it (Apparently they give you the training and equipment! You get to take the measurements!). How cool is that.

Glass goblet full of maroon bubbly liquid and ice in front of a laptop computer on a stand and other computer equipment

Drinking my cherry cola out of a glass goblet makes me feel classy.

Yesterday I made the 2-hour mostly 2-lane-road drive between my teaching job and home and I noticed for the first time this phone booth sitting all by itself in a tiny town (pop. ~300). The sign on top was lit and it had a light inside. I wonder if it works.

Build tools when it's quiet
Five years ago this advice at a data journalism conference caught my ear. See, “Quiet” was a thing we had sometimes, back then.

My kid doesn’t take kindly to being tricked by how words are spelled, so he just asked me if “noodles” has a silent e at the end.

I recognize that if you’re serious about jazz you probably already know this album, but if you’re a casual listener like me: I found Jazz at the Pawnshop a month or so ago, and it’s everything good about listening in a club, especially while we can’t. Treat yourself.

Today’s neat discovery: Reading an article about the rewrite of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, somehow the name Denholm Elliott — Brodie in that film and in Raiders — got me to connect him to an obscure movie he was in 30+ years earlier that I like: The Holly and The Ivy.

That was a very good livestream, if I may say so. Come for the downy woodpecker, stay for the blue jay. https://youtu.be/8P0zlhy_vO0?t=34

Day three of owning a bird feeder: my kid has named two of the birds. Both cardinals, he has imaginatively named the male “Card” and the female “Car”.

This Is Just To Say

I have eaten
the cookies
that were by
the fireplace

and which
you were probably
for Santa

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so soft

I just got a phone call asking if I was “the reference library.” And, sometimes it does feel that way.

Maybe I should’ve humored them, just to take on the challenge. (Of course, there’s no way I could out-research a professional reference librarian. Fun idea though.)

My kid in a small group Hangout with classmates: “Guess what number I’m going to say. It starts with a one, then a zero and another zero.”

A minute later: “Ok, the next one will be harder. It’s a one, a zero and a one.”

The grocery store had a couple horn players outside playing carols and it just about broke me. First live Christmas music I’ve heard this year, first live music of any kind in a very long time. I miss it so much.

I was waiting for a decent excuse to crack open the #bcbs Special No. 4 I picked up this year, and getting together (virtually) with my singing group for the first time in months seemed like a good one.

I shouldn’t be signing this terrible python code I’m committing to solve Advent of Code, just for plausible deniability purposes later. (But when all your code is about that terrible, I guess it doesn’t matter too much).

Things I find when tearing off the baseboard trim to paint in my old house: a receipt from 2000 for Erin Brockovich — probably a Christmas present — purchased in late December from Suncoast at Crestwood Plaza.

Today’s random thought: I wonder what (acoustic) instruments are easiest and most difficult to mic.

I don’t have any need for this information. I don’t have any experience in this area. This isn’t something I’ve ever done, nor will probably ever need to do. My brain.

As I’ve mentioned, not singing with folks is hurting. I know there are the multitrack things people are doing, but it isn’t the same. When singing live, you don’t mechanically perform your part and layer them — you adapt, in real time, to what your fellow singers are doing.

I haven’t made krupnik — it’s a sort of spiced honey liqueur from Lithuania — in the past few years. I stockpiled a bit and it mellows with age. But it’s fun to make (and delicious). I should get back into that.

Interacting w/ a smartphone daily will certainly reinforce its mundanity, but sometimes I’ll stop and realize how mind blowing it is that you can tap on a little slab of glass and communicate with the world, see photos /videos from all over, purchase nearly anything, etc. #mbnov

One of the things I enjoy most is being a pedestrian in a city I’m visiting for the first or second time. I miss that. #mbnov

Watching Home Alone and thought I recognized the voice of the guy who plays Santa. Looked him up on IMDB. He has 50+ credits, including one in post-production this year. But I didn’t recognize him in anything else until I got down to Groundhog Day, where he’s “Man in Hallway”.

Also re: the #bcbs I don’t go early so I don’t usually face the dilemma of which variant to choose. This time though there were three variants — fog, caramella and Special No. 4. I got the Special. Not sure I’ve ever even bought a variant before. #mbnov

C: Is Jeremy getting the call?

Dana: He’s getting the call.

J: I’m getting the call?

Dan: You’re getting the call.

J: I don’t know what that means.

Elliot: It means you’re getting the call.

J: Really?

E: Yeah.

J: I still don’t know what that means.


MPR’s choral music streaming radio is a blessing and a curse right now. Words can’t express how much I miss singing in a group. I am thankful for the work put into these recordings and the ability to listen to them for free. But my goodness, I ache. There is no true substitute.

One of my favorite sections of Every Moment Holy is the Liturgies of Petition and Provision. “For Those Flooded by Too Much Information”, “For Those Who Covet the Latest Technology”, and of course “For the Ritual of Morning Coffee”. Really looking forward to Vol. 2 in Feb. #mbnov

I bet one of the reasons Getting Things Done is so alluring is that the first phase is “capture”, which is easy to do, feels good and is productive. That’s short-lived if you don’t follow up, but it’s not surprising that it’s stuck around. #mbnov

The border between doing enough to feel like a productive adult and doing so much that you just want to chuck it all in the bin to go live in the woods is real hard to see sometimes. #mbnov

I woke up this morning (♫ da na na na na ♫) and couldn’t turn my head more than about 30 degrees in any direction. It’s since improved to about 45. So that’s nice.

One tool that is way more powerful than I’ve taken advantage of is LESS color functions — fade, tint, shade, mix, etc. I’d like to get better at those to make full designs more cohesive. #mbnov

My new OLED tv’s screen protection function is extremely aggressive. It’s meant to turn off the screen after 10 minutes of no activity. But the bar for activity seems too high: it seems to see some coding demos as static, for example. Not catastrophic, just kind of annoying.

One of the things that makes my job feel difficult (also fun) is the inter-dependence of different skills — journalism, math, programming (front-end, back-end, sysops), design, a little writing, photography, training of others and I fly the drone occasionally. #mbnov

Lake Ponchartrain, from Amtrak’s City of New Orleans on a train trip I took in March this year before *gestures at everything*. #mbnov

Browsing Apple Music this morning and saw they had an “Early Music” playlist that recently updated. It’s making me nostalgic for singing with my Greenleaf Singers madrigal group. This is the longest I’ve gone without organized singing in a decade+, if my memory is correct. #mbnov

The downside of woods behind your house is the occasional spooky noise. (I was going to write “unexplained spooky noise” but that seemed redundant). #mbnov

The change of the past months has already begun to wear away edges of the “old”. As with most change, there are positive and negative aspects — I have been fortunate to be shielded from most of the latter. The biggest difference from “normal” change is the lack of control. #mbnov

I: In the meantime–
D: I won’t say anything.
I: Dana.
D: I won’t say anything.
I: You say that in here.
D: Isaac–
I: You say that in here, but then you go out there–
D: When have I done that?
I: Every day you’ve been here.
D: I can’t believe you’ve been keeping track.


I recently moved from an 80-year-old elderly house to one that is younger than I am. Now I sort of wonder what a map of whether homeowners are younger or older than their residences would show, if anything. Maybe it would just be an “age of housing stock” map. #mbnov

> Andy: I’m telling you to back down.
Dwight: And I’m telling you that I will never back down.
Andy: Then I’ll make you.
Dwight: Oh really? How are you gonna do that?
Andy: Through the use of force.
Dwight: That is very general, and does not scare me in the slightest.


I frequently get the urge to learn some specialized skill I would get very little use out of, like how to bind a book, tailor a suit, leather craft, distilling, masonry, calligraphy etc. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, a quick YouTube binge will quell it. It almost never sticks. #mbnov

I certainly don’t want to inflate my qualifications as a responsible homeowner, but today I climbed up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters so I’m feeling pretty accomplished. #mbnov

Have you ever been at the point in coding a project where you’ve tried so many different ways of doing a thing, you find yourself wondering if it wouldn’t be faster to just randomly generate text until something works? (aka the Infinite monkey theorem)

I’ve been enjoying puzzling through sudoku when I get a little spare time lately. I especially enjoy all the variant rules that show up on Cracking the Cryptic puzzles like snake-egg, arrow, star battle, etc. Makes it a little more creative than a pure number fill-in. #mbnov

I’ve never really lived in a place that was conducive to just hanging out outside, like a stoop or a nice deck. Our new house has a good-sized patio in the back yard that I think should be good for that. #mbnov

Unanticipated pandemic side effect: there are lots of people and places I love that I can’t safely be near physically, but I have been privileged to spend the past 8 months to parent and get closer to my 5-year-old all day. I would not have otherwise had this opportunity. #mbnov

My capacity for procrastination and failure to learn from past events never fails to astonish me. Imagine if psychological stress had the same teaching power as physical pain — if you learned as much from scraping out a deadline as touching a hot pan. #mbnov

A seeming paradox of being able to concentrate is that I must first have let my mind wander in order to capture anything else that might attract my attention. Only then can I truly focus on the task at hand. I would do well to remember this more often. #mbnov

YouTube has an excellent selection of British game shows. Really into Richard Osman’s House of Games and Pointless lately.

The last game at Busch II was played 15 years ago today. The Astros beat the #STLCards 5-1, to take the NLCS in 6 games. Here’s a photo I took of the stadium (from the Arch) in 2003 and a composite panorama from inside on the same trip.

I had an eye appointment today where my eyes were dilated. I can’t see up close, but I still wanted to check in on the news, email, slack, etc.

So, right now I’m sitting on my couch and screen-sharing my iPad to my Apple TV across the room. Whatever it takes.

Someone, unexpectedly: Hey, what’s your phone number?

My brain: *short-circuits for 40 seconds*


My brain: The name of the man who voiced Garfield in the cartoons was Lorenzo Music!

Tonight I am at my wife’s high school reunion where I know my wife, one of her friends, and none of the other 40-some people in this very loud, very small room.

On the upside, a double Buffalo Trace was $6, so I’ve got that going for me.

I’m bad at guessing ages, but it occurs to me that since college, my work and hobbies have largely consisted of groups of people primarily either older than me or younger than me (and I think probably by 5+ years, mostly, though again, bad at ages). I wonder how common this is.
Showed my kid OK Go On Treadmills and his only comment was “They’re supposed to be running on those.” Then watched the one where they float around the plane in zero G and toss balls and toys and paint-filled balloons around, and he said “they made that room a mess.” Tough crowd.

Just turned what probably would’ve been a $150+ service call into an $11 part and a couple hours’ worth of learning and work (and a large part of that was spent driving to the store with the part). Blown A/C capacitor. Pretty easy to replace, turns out.

Got to take my older kid to a baseball game today. He’d been to one as a baby, but this was the first time he really understood what was going on. Also got to indoctrinate him into my “stay the whole game” philosophy (helped by a 7 ⅔-inning no-hit bid). It was a good time.

I’d be interested in seeing a map showing which specific place people meant when they say “the lake” or “the river” or “the city”. Like a watershed map, but for generic place words.

Seeing command module Columbia from the Apollo 11 mission in person was a surprisingly moving experience. It’s at the St. Louis Science Center until the beginning of September.

Just realized a good benchmark for a digital personal assistant (e.g. Siri) would be the ability to answer “will my garbage be picked up tomorrow?” (assuming it knows where I live). To its credit, Siri gave me the link to the holiday pickup schedule.

“The readers of the Manhattan Argus aren’t interested in sensationalism, gossip and unsupported speculation! Facts, figures charts — those are the tools of the newspaper trade!” RIP John Mahoney

Didn’t bring lunch to work today. Briefly considered getting Jimmy John’s delivered, then decided to walk down to Squatter’s Café instead. Rewarded with this delicious meatloaf sandwich on special.

Just replaced our three embarrassingly old smoke alarms. Did you know they make ones now that are combination smoke/CO alarms? And that they have 10-year batteries? Check how old yours are!