In honor of 314 Day, I asked ChatGPT to imagine St. Louis on 3/14/2034 and tell me ten facts about it. Here’s what it said:

Sure, here are ten hypothetical facts about St. Louis on 3/14/2034:

  1. St. Louis has a population of just over 3 million people, with steady growth in recent years.
  2. The city has become a center for innovation in renewable energy and sustainable urban development.
  3. A new high-speed train connects St. Louis to other major cities in the Midwest, making travel easier and more efficient.
  4. The city’s downtown area has undergone a major revitalization, with new restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues attracting both locals and tourists.
  5. The St. Louis Blues have won several Stanley Cup championships, making them one of the most successful hockey teams in recent history.
  6. St. Louis has invested in new infrastructure to support electric and self-driving cars, with charging stations and autonomous vehicle lanes now a common sight on the city’s streets.
  7. The city has become a hub for medical research and innovation, with several world-renowned hospitals and research centers located in the area.
  8. The Missouri River has become a major destination for outdoor recreation, with kayaking, fishing, and hiking opportunities attracting visitors from across the region.
  9. St. Louis has a diverse and thriving arts and culture scene, with museums, galleries, and performance spaces showcasing the city’s creative talent.
  10. The city has become more inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds, with initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of city life.