This is probably common enough knowledge if you use Siri often, but I don’t so here I am: If you ask Siri, at least on HomePod, “how long until my next alarm”, the answer will include alarms that are turned off.

This morning, my kid set an alarm for his next school meeting, but got the time wrong. I told Siri to “cancel the alarm”. Siri confirmed the alarm had been turned off. Then my kid correctly set an alarm.

A while later, my kid asked how long until his class. So we asked Siri “how long until my alarm”. Siri gave an incorrect time. Took me a minute to figure out the time was until the first, canceled alarm.

I asked Siri “what are my alarms”, and it listed both (but confirmed the incorrect one was turned off). I deleted the incorrect one.

Now asking “how long until my alarm” gives the right answer. It was confusing to me that asking “how long until my alarm” would include an alarm that’s turned off, but maybe there are situations where that would make sense.