Driving up the Great River Road from Carbondale to St. Louis into the sunset and listening to the #stlcards game on KMOX the whole way — staticky but audible at first and improving through the drive — that’s just good for the soul.

Spending my Friday night discovering the state stream monitoring volunteer org. and reading up on it (Apparently they give you the training and equipment! You get to take the measurements!). How cool is that.

Yesterday I made the 2-hour mostly 2-lane-road drive between my teaching job and home and I noticed for the first time this phone booth sitting all by itself in a tiny town (pop. ~300). The sign on top was lit and it had a light inside. I wonder if it works.

Build tools when it's quiet
Five years ago this advice at a data journalism conference caught my ear. See, “Quiet” was a thing we had sometimes, back then.